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Welcome to Boca de Agua
a poetic habitat alongside the freshwater paradise
of bacalar lagoon.
proud member of design hotels

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Designed by renowned architect Frida Escobedo, Boca de Agua offers eco-friendly treehouse accommodations nestled in lush greenery. Its innovative design minimizes environmental impact by leaving the ground untouched. Our guests experience a unique, regenerative stay, virtually floating amidst the treetops.

Our in-room treatments draw inspiration from ancestral practices to provide guests with a serene escape. Enjoy world-class treatments featuring custom handmade amenities and immersive relaxation experiences, all within the tranquil embrace of pristine nature.

Boca de Agua embraces the rich heritage of the region and the essence of local ingredients.
Our culinary offerings celebrate the history of our land, offering an immersive and
flavorful experience, fostering a unique connection with local flavors.

A range of immersive activities ranging from boundless adventures to deep relaxation. Embark on
paddle boarding, kayaking, and sailing through the tranquil waters of the pristine lagoon or find meaningful connection
with nature in the heart of the Mayan jungle with our wellness regenerative activities.
Discover a world known only by few.

From renewable energy to local sourcing, we minimize our footprint while supporting the community, embracing and protecting every living being that was part of this land before us. Our innovative design preserves the natural landscape. We create a new way of hospitality where our guests can actively participate in creating a brighter, more sustainable future
Known as the "Lagoon of Seven Colors," its crystalline waters mesmerize with shades of blue. Explore historic fortresses, lush jungles, and the vibrant local culture. Bacalar is a hidden gem offering tranquility and adventure amidst breathtaking natural landscapes.